2009-10-15 / Other News

UCSCA Meeting Unveils Plans For Local Skate Park

By Emily Johnson

United Canarsie South Civic Association (UCSCA) Vice President Lenny Fogel unveiled plans for Canarsie’s new skate park Tuesday evening that focused on community cooperation.

During te meeting held at the Hebrew Educational Societ Fogel described the design, which will feature a plaza-style collection of rails, as very current.

“Quarterpipes are becoming kind of passĂ©,” he said, referring to the ramps commonly used by skateboarders.

He anticipates the park will draw kids from and outside of Canarsie, and expects it to provide a much-needed outlet for keeping youths off the street and involved in an activity.

“The kids are very thrilled, and I am too, because this has been really needed,” said Fogel.

President Neal Duncan said he usually expects about 40 people at the monthly meetings, but it was a cozy gathering of about a dozen that took up only one table at the HES. Much of the discussion during the evening centered on the need for area residents to work together.

Captain Milt Marmara, commanding officer of the 69th Precinct, said he needs the public’s cooperation in reporting gang activity and truancy.

“If they’re not in school, they’re probably up to no good,” he said, noting that a series of breakins last month was halted after a truant was arrested.

He also said that several recent shootings appeared to be gang-related and that gangs often use schools for recruitment. He encouraged people to call 911 for an emergency or E-mail communityaffairs69@ yahoo.com with any information.

“I need the community to be eyes and ears for us, because we know a lot of things but we don’t know everything,” he stressed.

Community Education Council 18 President James Dandridge said he’d also like more involvement from parents, who should make themselves heard more on local educational issues.

Fogel echoed the sentiment, pointing out, “I’ve lived here 47 years. I get around a lot, trust me, and I don’t see a lot of adult participation.”

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