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By Dara Mormile

When not properly trained, a pit bull can be lethal to humans and other animals. When not properly trained, a pit bull can be lethal to humans and other animals. Police officers were forced to shoot what they determined was a “vicious” pit bull last Friday afternoon at East 100th Street and Avenue J when it attempted to attack several individuals on the block.

According to reports, a couple of deliverymen were chased by the pit bull, which somehow escaped its residence on the block. The men told police they yelled at the dog in an attempt to avert being followed. Authorities said another individual was nearly bitten on his leg when he was getting into his car, but managed to escape without injury.

Officers from the 69th Precinct were dispatched and responded to a “vicious dog report.” When the officers arrived they saw an unleashed pit bull roaming the block, chasing and attempting to attack residents as they passed by. A police report indicated the animal charged the officers as well and, in order to control it and prevent it from endangering anyone else, one officer shot the pit bull in the leg and restrained it until it was safely transported to the Center for Animal Care and Control for evaluation.

Detectives with the 69th Precinct said the owner, who lives on the block, was present at the time of the attacks but he was unable to control his dog. No charges have been filed against him.

While the public perception is that pit bulls are a dangerous breed, most animal experts agree that they only become ferocious when they are trained that way. Though there have been many publicized incidents about vicious pit bull attacks, animal rights groups defend the breed, stating that properly trained pit bulls can be lovable family pets.

With Neil S. Friedman

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