2009-10-01 / Letters/Opinion

Journalistic Integrity Questioned


Is the Canarsie Courier’s motto “Any News Is News?” It’s fitting after reading your (September 24) front-page caption and two stories on page 3.

The caption reads “the report proved to be unfounded,” yet you chose to make something out of nothing.

For what purpose?

On page three one caption reads he was “not the alleged man with a gun.”

So why print his picture? Was it a favor to your buddies at the precinct?

That fact is supported by your headline on page 5 about “Cops Give Their Sweat and Tears — Blood, Too.” It was a blood drive, but you only showed cops giving blood. Why is that? No one else showed up or were you just trying to spotlight your cop pals?

That’s not honest or real journalism.

Neither is your coverage of the postings of flyers about “alleged” sex offenders. Are they sex offenders or not? Whoever posted the flyers should be investigated, too.

It’s a pity when a community newspaper has to create news to fill the weekly paper.

Let’s see some real reporting from now on.

Sincerely, Malcolm Johnson Canarsie

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