2009-05-21 / Other News

Police Vow To Keep Summer Parties Under Control

By Dara Mormile

Precinct Commander, left, addresses UCSCA meeting last week. Precinct Commander, left, addresses UCSCA meeting last week. Keeping the community quiet and safe during the summer was one of the topics discussed at this month's United Canarsie South Civic Association meeting.

Captain Milt Marmara, Commander of the 69th Precinct, assured residents that his officers would work diligently to minimize crime resulting from residential parties. Marmara used the recent shooting of two teens on Mother's Day as a prime example of how a residential party can result in casualties. An 18-year-old died and a 21-year-old was seriously injured.

"There were over 200 people at an illegal party in a private house on East 96th Street," he said.

The party was illegal, he said, because it operated out of a house where the owners charged a fee. "These are unlicensed social clubs where many fights break out and wind up in the streets where innocent people get hurt."

Marmara said the May 10 shooting, which was the first homicide of the year, may have been a result of an altercation between a group of youngsters that took place outside of the party.

In an effort to prevent summer parties from getting out of control, the captain urged everyone to bring fliers or post cards soliciting illegal parties to the precinct station house.

"We'll be better equipped to handle a party if it gets out of control and we know about it in advance," Marmara said. "We issue summonses and seize equipment at illegal parties and even block parties that have no permit issued to them by the precinct."

One resident questioned whether timing was a factor when calling 311 about noise.

"It really doesn't matter what time it is," Marmara said. "If it's excessive and it's going on for a long time, you have the right to file a complaint."

Residents who have questions or complaints about various community matters are encouraged to e-mail Community Affairs officers at Communityaffairs69@yahoo.com.

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