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MTA Changes Express Bus Routes Here

BM2 and B103 buses run through Avenue M and Seaview Village neighborhoods. Charles Rogers      BM2 and B103 buses run through Avenue M and Seaview Village neighborhoods. Charles Rogers Scores of Canarsiens were surprised last Monday as they waited at what they presumed was their usual express bus stop for transportation to take them to work and found that the route had been changed.

Although officials from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said they gave sufficient notification, some passengers who had been waiting at the Flatlands Avenue and East 94th Street stop Monday said they had no prior knowledge of the changes and "would have been waiting until afternoon or taken the train" had they known.

MTA public affairs spokesman James Anyansi said Tuesday that route changes had been posted on board the B103, which provides limited-stop service between Canarsie and Downtown Brooklyn and the BM2, which provides transportation between Canarsie and Manhattan.

Whereas both buses had previously stopped at East 102nd Street and Avenue J, as well as the East 94th Street stop, the MTA felt that both routes essentially traveled "opposite to the primary direction of travel," according to their revision announcements, "and this adds inefficient travel time and travel distance and adversely affects service reliability."

The routes now being used (as of last Monday) will essentially have their eastern layover terminal at Williams and Flatlands avenues. The B103 and BM2 would use the current travel path north on East 105th Street, traveling past Avenue J, then east on Flatlands and north on Williams to the last stop and layover on Williams near Flatlands, directly across the street from the B60 (non-express) terminal, creating a common terminal area.

Westbound trips to Downtown Brooklyn and Manhattan would travel (without passengers from the layover) north to Williams Avenue, east on Glenwood Road, south on Louisiana Avenue, west on Flatlands to make their first stop at the far side of Williams Avenue. They would then travel west on Flatlands, south on East 105th Street and join the current travel path at Avenue J.

Officials said the B103 and BM2 stops don't serve enough people at this time and that the new routes could save the MTA $180,000 annually in operating costs.

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