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Cong. Beth Tikvah Hosts Shabbat Across America

By Jason Linetsky

The 13th annual Shabbat Across America, a celebration to unify all Jews, took place across the United Sates and Canada last Friday evening. It was celebrated locally at Congregation Beth Tikvah, located at 8800 Seaview Avenue (by East 88th Street). It welcomed Jews of all ages, as well as singles, couples and families, to the synagogue's weekly Sabbath prayer service in an effort to teach young people how the services are run and to familiarize them in the ways of the religion.

The night began when Rabbi Jacob Greenberg had gathered the men in the main room for minchas, prayers, while the women heard stories of the importance of the Sabbath from Rebbetzin Malka Greenberg in another room and said their own prayers. Those new to the services were assisted by some of the regulars to keep up with the pages of the religious texts and were able to ask any questions they had.

Following the prayer sessions, Event Committee Chair Sharon Gertner and Steve Rayburn invited visitors to dinner prepared by Levi Lichtman, which included traditional Jewish foods such as gefilte fish and challah (bread).

Towards the end of the meal, Rabbi Greenberg stood up to speak about the importance of bringing families together for the Sabbath and for teaching Judaism to all who are interested. He also stated it didn't matter how much of the religion people believed or followed as long as they were shown respect and helped in increasing their knowledge of the faith.

Anyone interested in joining Congregation Beth Tikvah or getting more information about daily prayer sessions, Shabbat services, and events may call (718) 963-4200, ext. 108 or send an E-mail to beth.tikvah@yahoo.com.

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