2008-10-23 / View From the Middle

View From The Middle

If I Don't Know By This Time, Can I Flip A Coin?
By Charles Rogers

I have a couple of questions originally intended for you. But after thinking it over, the questions are for me to answer — and for you to think over:

How do you feel about the present money crisis in the country and, indeed, the world? How do you feel about the coming election?

My answer to both questions: I don't know.

If you listen to the Sunday morning TV show pundits (and a few radio talk show hosts who consider themselves pundits), we are in the midst of this horrible financial meltdown, with the next step being Poverty Avenue. Everyone is in a dilemma and it appears there are very few who know a way out. Now, unfortunately, we can probably think of a person or family that is specifically hit by this crash; someone whose job has just been terminated or whose house has been put up on the block. To them we must be compassionate and help however we can in our own little way.

But to those pundits on that Sunday TV — Fugheddaboudit! They sit on their ivory platforms and talk the big talk about banks and huge investments and $700 billion to help the banks and Big Business get back on their feet, not bringing the dilemma down to the little man — to "Joe, the Plumber" (If you'll pardon the expression).

And how about Joe? When it comes right down to it, by spending a little less during this holiday season, Joe & Co. will have shown the pundits that, even if the greedy Wall Streeters don't know how to curb their spending, we do, and, in the long run, we'll bring our own debt down and, just maybe, start living within our means. Frankly, I'm an optimist and my water glass is indeed half full. These may be hard times, but, hey, I'm pretty sure there have been harder times. We just have to tighten our belts and smile at the pundits.

On the subject of the coming election — I still don't know, dammit. So don't bug me!

All kidding aside, I still don't know, dammit! So don't bug me!

Way back about three months ago, I said Obama's the guy for me! He's smart, upright, new — all those things you would want in a president; except experience. Then I turned to McCain. Smart, upright, a hero, knows his way around government, not new....hmm...not new...hmm.

Then we all heard the debates and we saw the choices each had made for vice president. Obama's choice is Senator Joe Biden, who has been around as long as McCain. Smart, upright. knows his way around, not new...hmm. McCain's choice is Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Smart, upright, a moose hunter and new as an '09 Toyota. She's a tough cookie and, as she has shown, knows a thing or two about government — Alaska's government. Think about it: If she were running at the top of the ticket, would you vote for her as president?

I repeat, as far as whom I'll vote for: I DON'T KNOW! (So don't bug me!)


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

To those of you who read this column with any regularity, you know I don't mince words. I not only speak my mind (a few soft curse words included now and then) when it is called for and I'm probably a little too effusive when applying support — or lack of it — to my likes and dislikes. I hope you know that, above all, I am sincere, and when I say, or write, my views on most topics, you can pretty well be sure I mean it.

What I'm leading to is my recent illness, the accompanying "medical leave," and my uncontrollable urge to now shout from the rooftops how grateful I am to all of you for your kind thoughts, words, prayers, prayer cards and Get Well notes that, all of a sudden, become so very precious and important.

Whether the illness is a big deal or small, there is nothing more comforting than to know someone took the time and effort to let you know they are thinking of you — and I thank you for that....most sincerely.

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