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Letters to the Editor

New vs. Old School


I am a graduate of Canarsie High School, Class of 1969. I was raised in Canarsie and my 89-year-old mom still resides there. As you may know, Canarsie High School is phasing out. I have been there since 1984 teaching and coordinating the Nurse Assistant Program.

Mini-schools have started at the Canarsie campus. Veteran teachers cannot get jobs at new schools because their salary level is too high. To make it even worse, the mini-schools get items that Canarsie High School never had.

For years I have been teaching in extreme heat during the spring and summer months. I was told it was not possible to install air conditioning because the building is not wired for air-conditioning and there was no money to upgrade the infrastructure. I find it appalling that mini-schools get new classroom furniture, new computers and air-conditioned classrooms. There's money to buy lounge furniture for the hallways.

Why is there money for the mini-schools when there never was for Canarsie High School? This is not fair or an equitable education for all. How will it be explained to remaining Canarsie High School students that they are not being treated the same as those in the new school? The faculty and student body are treated as stepchildren that are not good enough and who will soon be replaced.

The Canarsie community should be made aware that their children are not getting equal access to resources as the mini-schools.

Maybe, if in the past, if the school had better leadership and a learning environment that was educationally acceptable, it would not be phased out. The DOE complains money is tight, so why is there money to upgrade mini-schools and not existing high schools? It seems dedicated teachers have no worth or value to the NYC DOE nor do the students in phasing out schools.

Adele Leibowitz, RN

Nurse Assistant Teacher

Stamp Scammed

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter because my husband and I are very upset at an incident that happened today at a local supermarket.

My husband purchased stamps at the customer courtesy department. The lady said they only had the 12-pack of 42-cent stamps. She charged $6.45 for the pack instead of $5.04. That makes the price 54 cents each instead of 42 cents. We called and spoke to the manager, and he said that is now the policy.

It's outrageous that they are taking such advantage of their customers.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Mrs. Gertrude Bloom

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