2008-07-17 / Letters/Opinion

What's Your Opinion?

Compiled by Bill O'Neill

What's Your Opinion?  

Question: The city announced that calls about getting help to quit smoking tripled last month after a pack of cigarettes topped $10 - and that the number of New Yorkers who have stopped has steadily gone up as prices rise. Do you think increasing taxes on cigarettes is the best way for smokers to quit? And why?

"No, increasing taxes isn't the best way. The reason is that cigarettes are addictive. There are other ways to get people to quit smoking, like making the patch more available. Mayor Bloomberg can come up with better ways." - John Verras, Canarsie
"No, I don't think increasing the taxes is the best way to deter people from smoking. On an individual level, the increase won't have a significant impact. I understand with things going up like gas prices, people will have to prioritize - and might cut down on smoking. But, if people want to smoke, they'll smoke." - Rodger Buckle, Canarsie
"Yeah, definitely increasing the taxes on cigarettes is the best way. Otherwise, they won't quit. If it costs people, they'll have to stop." - Doreen Colon, Canarsie
"My opinion is that raising the price or increasing taxes doesn't affect people at all. People are addicted to cigarettes and will just keep buying them." - Marie Menard, Mill Basin



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