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Letters to the Editor

Reader's Appreciation

Dear Editor:

I am a longtime resident of Canarsie (48 years) and I read the Canarsie Courier every chance I get.

While reading the Courier a few weeks ago (June 26, 2008), I came across the article "This Week in Canarsie" by Dara Mormile and began reading it.

It mentioned the Golden Age Senior Club - American Legion Post 573, enjoying a brunch and an end-of-the-season barbecue. There was also a picture of some of the club members gathered around a picnic table, enjoying late summer afternoon.

At close examination of the photo, I noticed to my surprise and delight that my mom, dad, aunt and uncle were all in the picture sitting around the table.

I called the Canarsie Courier and asked if I could possibly get a larger copy of that picture, and they graciously complied with my request. My husband went to your office to pick it up. I can't tell you how thrilled I was when he brought the picture home!

It was taken in 1986 and sadly all the family members in that picture are now gone. My dad passed away in 1992, my aunt in 1996, but most recently, in April of this year, I lost my mom. You can imagine how I felt when I saw this picture of all of them together, and what happy memories it brought to mind.

I would like to thank the Canarsie Courier, especially Dara Mormile, for writing the article, and for printing that beautiful picture. I appreciate it very much.


Marie Angela Mazzella

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