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Letters to the Editor

Fresh Creek Preserve Remains Unfinished

Editor's Note: The following letter was also sent to Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Brooklyn Parks Commissioner Julius Spiegel.

Dear Editor:

In 1996, the Fresh Creek Nature Preserve, funded by the New York State Environmental Quality Bond Act, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held on the Louisiana Avenue side of Fresh Creek.

Fencing, bird watching stands, walking paths, plants indigenous to wetland areas, benches, etc. were placed on the Louisiana Avenue side of the preserve. Three Canarsie elected officials, invited by New York City's Park Commissioner Henry Stern, were "no shows."

The other side of the preserve, on East 108th Street in Canarsie, received incomplete fencing and nothing more. The preserve was supposed to connect to Seaview Park and the Shore Parkway bicycle path. To this day, the preserve in Canarsie has not been cleared of dead trees, unhealthy foliage, large amounts of debris.

Were the three absentee politicians in 1996 giving Canarsie residents insight as to how we would be treated in the future?

As park volunteers, we contacted someone at the Brooklyn Parks Department who, with mayoral funds, was able to complete the fencing on the East 108th Street preserve side, but nothing else has been done except for a small stretch of sidewalk.

Recently, there have been incidents of heavy littering at the East 108th Street site. Perhaps, if the promised work were to be done, making it look cared for, the preserve would receive the respect it deserves.

Changing weather conditions is responsible for the loss of wetlands, which can cause flooding. We can't protect only one side of a waterway if we are to protect our wetlands. Let's finish the Fresh Creek Nature Preserve in Canarsie!


Gerry and Seymour Weiner

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