2008-06-26 / Front Page


By Charles Rogers

Police from the 69th Precinct last Saturday night closed Canarsie Pier for the second time within four weeks because of a possibility of suspected gang activity there. Sources said patrolling uniformed officers, along with plainclothes members of the precinct's Anti-Crime Unit, driving unmarked cars, said they noticed a buildup of gang members gathering at the pier after dark on June 21. Some observers conjectured, along with law enforcement officials at the scene, that the crowd totaled "what appeared to be over a hundred people."

Officials said that with the assistance of the NYPD Task Force and Gateway National Recreation Area Police they were immediately able to close the pier without incident.

Captain Milt Marmara, commanding officer of the precinct, said additional housing officers from PSA 1 and even transit officers were posted along the way to assist in clearing the streets.

At the end of May - and even into the first weekend of June - the pier was closed because of another buildup of what appeared to be teenage gangs and witnesses said they heard "shots fired." No one was injured and some gang members were detained, but there was no gun found and no arrests were made.

Police sources here said they arrested six individuals on unspecified charges last Sunday night, June 22, as they gathered at various playgrounds in the area.

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