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By Charles Rogers

Sometimes you just have to admit that providence guides our fortunes. If destiny says you're going to get caught after committing a crime, so be it.

Believing in good and bad fortune is a case in point regarding how six alleged thieves got away with a robbery last Saturday night/Sunday morning - for about two-and-a-half minutes - when providence took over and they were caught by eagle-eyed police just starting their tour of duty.

The bizarre robbery and apprehension started at 11:40 p.m. on May 31 on Rockaway Parkway in a shadowed area near BayView Houses, not far from Seaview Avenue. A 34-year-old resident of the housing complex, who was walking alone, was confronted by three men who blocked his way. One of the men showed the victim a handgun and told him to empty his pockets and give them his money and jewelry. When the man complied, the three men ran into the street and jumped into a gray Nissan Altima with three passengers in it that fled north on Rockaway Parkway.

As soon as the thieves left, the victim flagged down a motorist who used his cell phone to call 911. A police radio call went out to all points saying that a gray Nissan bearing six men was headed north on Rockaway Parkway.

Flash back to the time of the robbery: 11:40 p.m. on May 31. It was shift-change time at the 69th Precinct and the midnight patrol officers were just changing into their uniforms, ready to head out on the overnight shift. They were just about walking out the door - it was June 1 now - when the radio call said that the Nissan was headed to the vicinity of the precinct station house.

The officers ran to their car and arrived at the corner of Flatlands Avenue and Rockaway Parkway just in time to practically welcome the Nissan and its passengers into their arms. The only emotions displayed were the satisfaction of the police officers and the complete futility of the suspects.

The six - Nage Berry, 18; Kelvin Mosquea, 17; Terell Reedy, 17; Ronnell Madison, 18; Evens Alphonse, 19; and David Gilmore, 17 - were arrested and charged with robbery, criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of stolen property and menacing. Police said they discovered a semi-automatic handgun in the car.

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