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Group Offers Way To Fight Parking Tickets For Free

New York City's beleaguered motorists now have a whole new way to determine if the parking ticket they received is worth fighting.

"For the first time ever, the people of New York will be able to enter their parking ticket on-line, and within minutes, know if there are grounds to request a dismissal of the ticket; confidentially, securely and for free," said Glen Bolofsky, President of parkingticket.com. "There is absolutely no charge for anyone to use this service and it can be done in about five minutes, without cost, from anywhere you have access to the Internet."

The idea is the brain child of Bolofsky whose web developer, Greg Cox told him they need to give people an easier way to fight their tickets - risk free.

"The 'Free Parking Ticket Analysis' will revolutionize the way people handle their tickets," says the computer guru, an honors graduate from Ramapo College in New Jersey.

"What this essentially does is take much of the guess work out of the process," said Cox. "You don't need a credit card, you don't need to go to court, and you don't need to pay your ticket unless it is written fairly and properly."

Adding to convenience, the service is available 24 hours a day.

How it works:

1. Go to www.parkingticket.com and click Free Ticket Analysis.

2. Enter your ticket into a look-a-like parking ticket screen.

3. Enter your vehicle registration certificate.

4. Answer a list of fact-finding questions.

5. Click the "Begin Analysis" button.

6. Within seconds you will receive the result, online.

•If the Free Ticket Analysis says there are grounds to request a dismissal, you can do it on your own, go to court or put down a 50 percent deposit and have parkingticket.com guarantee that your ticket will be dismissed or they will refund the deposit.

•If the Free Ticket Analysis says there are no grounds for dismissal, you can pay your ticket right there and parkingticket.com will make sure the payment is applied properly - something the city admits has been a constant problem for them.

According to Dev Cohn, the former General Counsel to the Parking Violations Bureau and now an attorney for parkingticket.com, "You can fight your ticket on your own or have an expert system guarantee your success. Giving people options allows people to decide for themselves how they would prefer to handle things. In a city where there are few parking options, a free ticket analysis will surely be helpful."

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