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IS 232 Students Participate In Hospital's Partnership Program

Winthrop students and teachers involved in the Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center Mentorship/Learning Partnership Program.Winthrop students and teachers involved in the Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center Mentorship/Learning Partnership Program. In its ongoing efforts to improve the quality of life and well-being of the residents of the community it serves, Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center (KJMC), at 585 Schenectady Avenue, continues to support the academic achievement of the students at nearby Winthrop IS 232.

Since the inception of the KJMC/Winthrop IS232 Career Mentorship/Learning Partnership (CMLP) program in 2005, the Medical Center remains committed to its role as a resource center for the school. Through its involvement, the Medical Center plays a critical role in augmenting the academic experience of scores of seventh grade students who take part annually.

The CMLP program, which runs concurrent with the academic school year, is designed to promote critical thinking and problem solving expertise in its adolescent group of participants through hands-on exposure in approximately 14 different service areas at Kingsbrook. The fundamental values of teamwork, cooperation, acceptance of diversity, responsibility and other social values also form part of this enrichment learning experience that helps motivate and encourage student interest in careers related to the medical sciences field.

"We are cognizant of the expanded role we play in advancing the growth and sustainability of our community," Dr. Linda Brady, President and Chief Executive Officer of the 864- bed teaching hospital, said.

She added, "This program ensures that at an intermediate school level our community children are exposed to opportunities that may spark an interest, which eventually leads to viable careers in the medical field. In this regard, it is hoped that through the formation of this partnership with Principal Ingrid Thomas-Clark and the school community at Winthrop IS 232, we've helped to create a unique learning experience for the students that will influence their educational choices long after they have transitioned from middle school."

To find out more about the Career Mentorship/Learning Partnership and/or similar programs, please contact Kingsbrook's Public Affairs office at 1-718-604-5062.

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