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CEC Blasts School Construction Authority For Delayed Projects

By Debbie Cohen

CEC Blasts School Construction Authority For Delayed Projects

The District 18 Community Educa-tion Council (CEC) last week blasted the New York City School Construction Authority (SCA) for apparently drag-ging its feet on a variety of projects.

Capital Budget plans for P.S. 135 and P.S. 235, in need of new facilities and restoration, were among topics discussed at the monthly meeting held at P.S. 208 last week.

SCA representative Fredrick Ma-ley spoke about a five-year $1.4 million plan for P.S. 135 starting in June 2008. But Dandridge said he was wary since several past broken promises.

Maley touched upon an update for P.S. 135, after several parents present at the meeting asked, "Where is this new kitchen?"

According to Maley, Sharon Green-berg, SCA president will send details outlining the project to CEC 18.

Maley said that, during the scoping of the project, it was detected that a new fire alarm system was also needed and "will be included in the project."

CEC Treasurer Sharon Lindo wanted to know why others were not in-volved in the process and that a viable working alarm system is crucial in any school.

James Dandridge, the CEC predient, agreed, asking, "How can we get you to commit?"

"Something is missing; this pro-cess is taking too long to work," he added.

Maley said the process will definitely begin in June. He said that the Fire Department deemed the alarm system functional during the last annual inspection.

Maley also said the extension of the P.S. 135 Annex is in the works for a three-year design. The school's principal, Penny Grinage, said the overcrowded classrooms and the lack of bathroom facilities are "horrible."

In addition to P.S. 135, parents were complaining about a busing problem at P.S. 235. The problem consists of "not enough buses and not enough supervision." District 18 Community Superintendent Beverly Wilkins says that adults are needed to oversee this problem.

"The Department of Education remains responsible," said Wilkins. New telephone and intercom systems are also slated for P.S. 235 in 2008.

Community activist and Command-er of American Legion Canarsie Post 573 Carlton Richardson was ap-pointed to CEC 18 as a council member. He thanked all who supported him.

In lieu of the recent school MRSA superbug infections, cleanliness was a concern of several parents.

Director of Facilities William Estelle said that the school buildings are constantly disinfected with bleach and other cleaning agents.

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