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Project Removes Unwelcome, Illegally-Posted Signs

By Neil S. Friedman

Project Removes Unwelcome, Illegally-Posted SignsBy Neil S. Friedman

Maisel (left) and Fogel stand behind signs removed one morning last week.Maisel (left) and Fogel stand behind signs removed one morning last week.

Hundreds, maybe thousands, of signs illegally posted on utility poles throughout Canarsie were removed over the last several weeks in a project undertaken through the cooperation of state Assemblyman Alan Maisel, the Millennium Development Corporation and the United Canarsie South Civic Association.

Maisel said the signs are "nothing more than visual pollution that detracts from a neighborhood's quality of life and destroys its character."

Beginning in early October, Millennium president Paul Curiale and several volunteers went up and down local streets, accompanied on several occasions by UCSCA vice president Lenny Fogel and Maisel, who both helped pry the unwelcome signs from the poles.

Some of the funds Maisel acquires for Millennium is used for just such civic activity.

UCSCA president Neal Duncan broached the problem at his civic group's monthly meeting, at which Maisel was a guest, after several members alerted him that the signs seemed "to be sprouting" all over the community.

A city ordinance prohibits such postings - with a $100 fine for each violation - but some businesses obviously flaunt the law thinking they can get away with the free advertising. A Sanitation Department spokesperson told the Courier last week that a team of enforcers regularly polices city streets and issue summonses to violators.

Curiale said he and his group of volunteers will continue to rid Canarsie and surrounding communities of the signage blight.

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