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Police Nab Suspect In Series Of Burglaries In The East 80s

Charles Rogers

Police Nab Suspect In Series Of Burglaries In The East 80sCharles Rogers

Police from the 69th Precinct have arrested a suspect in the burglary spree that hit at least six homes in the East 80s section in recent months.

Louis Ocasio, 26, of Avenue H, was picked up by detectives from the Brooklyn South Burglary Apprehen-sion Team on October 16, according to officials of the local detective squad. They say he had allegedly been in-volved in a number of burglaries of private homes, as well as a synagogue on East 76th Street, denoting a "pattern" dating as far back as September and totaling at least six. After picking up the suspect at his home, the apprehension team brought him to the Foster Avenue station house in Canarsie and placed him in a lineup, where he was positively identified. He was charged with burglary, including an alleged bur-glary of a house of worship, and break-ing and entering.

In the pattern, Ocasio would alleged-ly enter a house through an unlocked, ground floor window after midnight.

Cops said there were a few cases where the suspect would enter the house through a window and, after taking what was immediately available, like a watch or some cash lying on a table, would then leave by the front or back door. Police said his method of operation was to randomly check ground floor windows to see if they were un-locked and, after determining there was probably no one home, he would enter. In at least a couple of instances, police said, he was seen by the occupants of the house.

Anyone with information on the burglaries is asked to call the 69th Precinct Detective Squad at

1-718- 257-6215. All calls will be kept confidential.


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