2007-10-25 / Letters/Opinion

Inconvenient Closures

Dear Editor,

The closing of so many neighborhood stores is a big hardship for area residents who depend on local shopping and do not drive.

To keep Canarsie alive, new stores should open up - bigger and better. Stores are necessary and needed to keep up with the increasing new housing boom. New homes are going up while once thriving businesses are closing and going down.

The closing of Waldbaum's and Eckerd on Rockaway Parkway is a great loss. The population in Canarsie is increasing, not decreasing. "For Rent" signs can be seen all over in store fronts.

What's next? What's the future of local neighborhood shopping in Canarsie?

It's necessary to replace the empty, closed stores with new businesses. Keep Canarsie alive. We are waiting.


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