2007-10-04 / Letters/Opinion

Licensing Illegals

Dear Editor,

Governor Spitzer, allegedly a man from law enforcement, changes NY policy to allow illegal immigrants to obtain a NY legal driver's license. He says we must face  the reality that they exist.

I say the governor must face the reality that the majority of the residents of this state disagree with him, both Democrats and Republicans. What is it about the word "illegal" that our government doesn't understand?

Without a driver's license, it is hard to prove state residency, so NY will get even more than its share of illegals. With more drivers, we will need more DMV workers, more police, more traffic court workers, and so on, further increasing taxes. We may then be able to track illegals to ensure they pay state taxes, but will we? Hell no. We'll give them public access on top of their cash incomes.

It is time for our state legislature to stand up and pass legislation to require every applicant for a driver's license in this state to have a valid social security card.

Our legislature has proven its willingness to take a stand against the governor on stupid issues, now they will do so for the right issue?

It must pass this with solid enough majority to override a veto. If they cannot get this done, we remember and vote against the leadership when they run for reelection.

Sincerely,Mace H. Greenfeild, Esq.

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