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PBS Invites WWII Vets To Submit Video Interviews & War Stories

The Second World War left America a legacy of stories. The men and women who served in World War II or lived through it on the home front were forever transformed, and their experiences are our nation's most vital history. Many of those stories belong to New Yorkers, or to the parents and grandparents of the people who make up the great mosaic of the New York tri-state area today.

Now, building on the national interest in World War II being sparked by the approaching premiere of the PBS series "The War - A Ken Burns Film," which premieres August 29, New York public television stations Thirteen/WNET and WLIW21 are collaborating to present a major multi-media event to remember, share and preserve the experiences of World War II through the eyes of New Yorkers.

"People throughout this great metropolis were touched by the events of World War II, and their stories are worth their weight in gold," said Neal Shapiro, president of Thirteen/WNET. " This initiative is an opportunity for us all to come together as a community to hear these stories, gain a deeper understanding of the war's meaning, and to preserve this history before it disappears."

At the heart of the event is the War Stories Web site. The unique online destination is designed to gather first-hand recollections of the diverse men and women who lived through the war - wherever they were and in whatever capacity they experienced it. Members of the public - especially members of the New York tri-state area community - are encouraged to record their own video interviews with relatives, friends or acquaintances who remember World War II. They can then upload their video interviews to the site, where they will become part of a public Web archive of personal accounts, freely available for viewing by all. The War Stories site includes helpful information on how to conduct an interview and simple instructions on how to upload a video. Participation is free of charge.

Some of the videos contributed to the site may be chosen for use in the new documentary New York War Stories, which will premiere online at Thirteen.org and WLIW.org and air on Thirteen/WNET and WLIW21 in September.

Beginning in late July, visitors to the War Stories site will also be able to post and read written narratives as well as submit and watch video interviews.

It is envisioned that the War Stories site will continue in operation indefinitely, providing an enduring archive of these invaluable and illuminating historical documents.

The War Stories site is accessible through the link on the Thirteen and WLIW21 online home pages (www.thirteen.org and www.wliw.org). Videos may also be mailed in to P.O. Box 1313, New York, NY 10116.

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