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A Suicide Attempt Goes Awry; But All's Well That Ends Well

By Charles Rogers

A Suicide Attempt Goes Awry; But All's Well That Ends Well By Charles Rogers

Leaving a suicide note that explained he thought he was "a loser," a 23-year-old East 94th Street man tried to kill himself here last week, police said.

It was 11:15 p.m. when police from the 69th Precinct responded to a report that a man called 911 to say that he'd just tried to commit suicide. Paramedics and cops rushed to the victim's house to find the man sitting on the floor with a handgun lying next to him and holding his head. He told the Emergency Medical Service technicians he tried to kill himself and, when he realized the shot he fired was not lethal, he apparently changed his mind. He was taken to Brookdale Hospital and admitted there in critical condition.

Police picked up the note the man left, in which he said he was a "loser" and he hoped his family would forgive him for killing himself. Authorities did not reveal the man's name but said he lived in the private house with his father.

In investigating the case, detectives said the young man had a history of drug abuse, specifically heroin addiction. He is an unemployed construction worker and had previously attempted to kill himself by jumping off a construction site. He has a record from a previous robbery and was just finishing probation on that case.

The weapon used had been reported stolen from a Long Island home in 1992, police said.

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