2007-07-05 / Sports

Through The Ropes

By Josh Stewart

Could Triple H's return come at a better time? Certainly not as far as anyone at WWE is concerned.

The 10-time World Heavyweight champion had a video segment on Monday Night RAW, chronicling his quadriceps injury and the ensuing surgery that has put him on the shelf since January. It whet the appetite of fans who can't wait to see the Cerebral Assassin back (although perhaps, due to recent events, that nickname should take a respite). Sure, one of the company's biggest stars coming back helps take the focus off the investigation into the Chris Benoit murder-suicide. But H helps fill a hole that was made readily apparent by the men who were in the ring at the same time at the start of last Monday's RAW.

Bobby Lashley is the only person on the planet who could try to talk his way out of a speeding ticket and end up in prison for tax evasion. He might give the worst interview in the history of the business, and amazingly, the more he does it, the worse he gets. Chances are, he had heard the criticisms, which are making him nervous and even more incapable of showing his personality on the mic. Randy Orton just shows the pickle that WWE gets itself into when it tries to infuse real life into storylines. Everybody knows about the 60-day suspension he received for poor behavior backstage, including disrespecting language toward Divas. Then, during the company's recent European road trip, he was sent home after doing tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage to a hotel room after reportedly tying more than a few on.

For that, he gets a promotion? The story of him being a head case is just too juicy, so they have him slap Dusty Rhodes in the back just for good measure. Therefore, he is benefiting from acting like a jerk because the company obviously needs him. With Triple H, one of the biggest draws in the business, back, it's a lot easier for Vince McMahon and Co. to deliver a "my way or the highway" ultimatum to the petulant Superstar.

Has anyone at WWE figured out that the King Booker gimmick is a disaster? You have one of the most energizing stars in the business, with his "Can you feel it, sucka?" battle cry, trying to talk like either Prince William or Prince Harry. Talk about a waste of talent.

Mr. Kennedy? I still say, "Who is Mr. Kennedy?"

This group of contenders to John Cena's crown are either being misused or are lacking a key element that would equal a memorable feud. Cena is historic is his ability to receive the most cheers and most boos while performing the same gimmick at the same show, but even he can't wrestle himself. You don't want to fall into the same trap that Triple H and WWE got into before, where he was overexposed and drew criticisms that his booking was due to him being the boss' son-in-law.

But as is often the case with Triple H, you miss him most when he's gone. Even if he is overexposed, compared to this bunch, it would be a marked improvement. Come back soon!

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