2007-06-21 / Other News

A Stars & Stripes Celebration

For its second consecutive Flag Day celebration, P.S./I.S. 66 expanded it into an international festival of the flags of many nations. The observance on June 14 kicked off as students walked around the school at 845 East 96th Street. The procession ended in the schoolyard where the program continued with a "continental cruise" of performances spotlighting nations including China, the Phillipines, Kenya, Nigeria, Italy, Spain, Trinidad, Mexico, and the good ol' U.S.A. A Parade of Colors, with student-made replicas of a variety of international flags and banners, ended the two-hour celebration as a chorus sang, "We All Sing With the Same Voice." (Above, from left) Eighth graders Shaquille Mitchell, Jormal Walcott and Kelsey Tiamfook hold an oversized American flag. (Below) Pupils display flag of Dominican Republic. (Bottom) A class of first graders waves hand held U.S. flags.

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