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From Przeworsk To Brooklyn: The Knights' Tomasz Groch

When the Brooklyn Knights' Tomasz Groch first came to this country from Przeworsk, Poland, he was keen on observing the level of soccer talent within the United States. Five years later, he continues to be surprised at how much the game has developed and keeps on improving.

"I was interested on seeing how good the players were here and they keep on impressing me. The level of play gets better and better and this country has a lot of talented soccer players," says the 27-year-old defender.

Coming from a country obsessed with soccer, Groch fell in love with the sport at a young age. After starting off as a forward, he realized that his toughness and marking abilities made defense a more suitable position and he's never looked back.

A U.S. resident since 2002, Groch is more than familiar with the soccer scene, as well as the PDL. Three years ago, he played for the now defunct Jersey Falcons PDL squad. He has also been a fixture of the New York Cosmopolitan Soccer League.

Extremely close to his roots, Groch is very active in the New York Polish community, which is equally as active in New York area soccer, and they are fans of Groch. Late last year, the defender was selected one of the area's best players on the poloniasoccer.com Web site.

For Groch, the upcoming 2007 season with the Brooklyn Knights is a golden opportunity to play first-class soccer and grow as a player.

"I always give everything that I've got on the field and I'm always positive and looking to grow as a player. I'm very excited to be with the Knights this year and I can't wait for the season to start."

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