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Two Restaurants Cited For Violations Are Open For Business

Canarsie Coffee & Deli is also called Rockaway Brothers of Jaffa DeliCanarsie Coffee & Deli is also called Rockaway Brothers of Jaffa Deli Representatives from two local eateries that had been reported closed by the Health Department last week because of violations told the Canarsie Courier this week that, in one case, the closure was because of a faulty gas pipe and, in the other case, was not closed down but was cited because of a violation outside the restaurant.

A report from State Senator Jeff Klein Monday noted the J & K Buffet on Flatlands Avenue, along with the Canarsie Coffee & Deli at 1430A Rockaway Parkway were among what he said the Health Department called a list of "the ten filthiest restaurants."

A spokesman at the deli, which is at the corner of Glenwood Road, said his shop was closed on March 13 for one day because they had a "bad gas leak" that apparently permeated into the small restaurant itself. "We had to take care of that and then we opened right away again," he said. The spokesman would not reveal his name.

Meanwhile, the owner of J & K, Jimmy Chen, said his restaurant did not close, but he has spent $4,000 on other repairs.

The J & K Buffet on Flatlands AvenueThe J & K Buffet on Flatlands Avenue The state senator said he got his information from the Health Department. Charles Rogers

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