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Letters To The Editor

Suffering Sudan


Most people take some basic rights we have for granted, like freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Knowing that other countries are suffering, we as a nation would not come together to help the less fortunate. Americans are protected by rights, while those in Sudan, have no rights at all. Without these basic rights, Sudan is a war zone.

When I first heard about this situation, I was surprised. Former slave, Simon Deng came to my high school to talk about this problem. People are put into slavery and treated inhumane. He also informed us about a serious problem called genocide. Over 400,000 people have already died as a result. This caused a chain reaction that made the survivors homeless and put them in poverty, some with serious diseases.

This all resulted because two tribes in Darfur went to war between each other. While this chaos was going on, the United Nations has done absolutely nothing about this problem. But Americans can still make a difference and change this problem in Sudan.

The two best ways to contribute is to make a donation to the people who are still suffering and inform high-powered people about this situation. If more people are informed, the better the result and hope for Darfur.

All Americans have compassion in their conscience. Why not express that compassion to help those much less fortunate? With compassion for humanity and various voices to speak out, others can seek justice for those treated unfairly.

We must find compassion and help those who do not have the opportunity to have human rights as we do. Thank you.

Jennifer Douglas

Nazareth Regional High School

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