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By Charles Rogers

By Charles Rogers

Radio Shack on Rockaway Parkway was robbed by two men last week.                        Charles RogersRadio Shack on Rockaway Parkway was robbed by two men last week. Charles Rogers If the suspicions of a number of detectives from various precinct areas wind up being in accord, the arrest of two robbery suspects by 69th Precinct patrol officers Friday may have solved a string of thefts from local Radio Shacks and other electronic-type stores dating back, at least, to last Christmas season, police said.

At approximately 9:30 a.m. last Friday, two men entered Radio Shack at 2048 Rockaway Parkway and confronted the lone clerk on duty, saying they had a gun under their jackets and forcing him into a back room.

One of the men then proceeded to go to a supply cage, where items are priced and checked before going on sale, and placed various electronic items in a black garbage bag. They then went out the rear door where they got into a silver Acura with Pennsylvania license plates.

After they left, the clerk immediately called 911 and gave a description of the car in which the suspects drove away.

Patrol officers saw the suspects' car enter the westbound lane of the Belt Parkway and followed it to the Flat-bush Avenue exit, where it headed north and entered the Kings Plaza parking lot.

The cops followed the suspects into the mall parking lot and saw them exit the car and enter the mall. The officers followed the pair and when they caught up with them, the suspects surrendered.

Kenneth Jones, 25, of New York Avenue, Brownsville, and Jocellyn Desjardins, 28, of Linden Blvd. were arrested and charged with robbery. Other charges related to the car and escape are pending.

Jones and Desjardins are now being held in connection with the latest Radio Shack robbery, as well as another robbery at the same location on December 17, 2006. They also will be charged with allegedly robbing three other Radio Shack stores and a Cingular store within the past two months. Both suspects have prior records for robbery and petit larceny.

Charles Rogers

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