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By Charles Rogers

By Charles Rogers

Corner store at East 92nd Street and Avenue M was one of several recently robbed at gunpoint.           Charles RogersCorner store at East 92nd Street and Avenue M was one of several recently robbed at gunpoint. Charles Rogers Three Brooklyn teenagers were arrested Friday and charged with committing a number of recent robberies in Canarsie and surrounding neighborhoods.

According to police, Christian Emile, 16, of East 54th Street, Lloyd Harris, 17, of Albany Avenue, and Andrew Ashley, 18, of East 46th Street, first robbed the M & Y Express Deli at 9202 Avenue M on February 13 at about 9 p.m. They escaped with about $1,500 from the cash register and an undetermined amount of money from a customer and the store manager after confronting them with handguns.

All three suspects were wearing black hoodies and ski masks, police said.

Witnesses told police that one of the alleged thieves struck the manager across the face with a gun.

Then, another said, "Stay where you are. Now, where's the rest of the cash?"

The robbers didn't wait for an answer and took the manager's cell phone and the trio fled on foot.

At about 10 p.m. last Friday, published reports said the three suspects, again wearing ski masks, allegedly entered the Moonlight Mini Market on Flatlands and Sheffield avenues in East New York - a few miles east of Canarsie - using the same method of operation and took an unknown amount of money from the cash register and customers.

Police said they allegedly drove from that site to the Flatlands Mini-Market at East 104th Street and Flatlands Avenue and, with one man watching the door and another brandishing a gun, the third man told the store manager and a shopper to lie on the floor while he took money from the cash register. The trio then fled in a black, late-model Toyota Camry.

Police said they were able to broadcast information on the Toyota to local Brooklyn South precincts and patrol officers at that time.

Within a matter of minutes, Anti-Crime Unit officers from the 63rd Precinct saw a car fitting the description of the vehicle allegedly used in the robbery and, together with other patrol units, stopped it at the corner of Troy Avenue and Avenue M.

Police saw that the suspects fit descriptions given by witnesses and brought them to the Foster Avenue station house where the trio was checked by detectives from the Brooklyn Robbery Squad as to their complicity in other local robberies.

Reports indicated all three suspects have prior records, all including arrests for robbery and two, Christian and Harris, for criminal possession of a weapon.

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