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An 'L' Of A Sign

Neil S. Friedman

Neil S. Friedman While 'L' line commuters have been frustrated over years of detours and delays due to upgrading of the line, some were relieved last fall when the 14th Street-Canarsie subway line, with a hub at Rockaway Parkway, resumed normal weekend service. Commuters were somewhat appeased again last week when the MTA unveiled digital electronic information signs for testing at stations along the 11-mile route into Manhattan. According to a transit official, the information is relayed to the platform signs from the MTA's rail control center, using the same system that will eventually operate the computerized train operation. Similar digital signs have been in use on other lines for several years, albeit with glitches that the TA said it is fixing.

Now Boarding On Track...

          Neil S. 
            Friedman Neil S. FriedmanThe Transit Authority recently began testing state-of-the-art digital electronic signs - like one above at the Rockaway Parkway station - along the Canarsie 'L' line, which promise to provide anxious commuters with up-to-date information on status of arriving trains.

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