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Suspect Said Subway Station Shooting Was Self-Defense

By Charles Rogers

Suspect Dwayne Holmes ©N.Y.Post/Tamara Beckwith
Suspect Dwayne Holmes ©N.Y.Post/Tamara Beckwith Dwayne Holmes, who was charged with killing an innocent bystander in the November 15, 2006 shooting in front of the Rockaway Parkway-Canarsie Line subway station, told detectives the homicide was a case of self-defense, according to police sources.

Holmes became involved in a fight in the crowded vestibule of the Canarsie terminal station near Glenwood Road at about 4 p.m. and, during questioning later, said he was fearful for his life and was defending himself from the people with whom he was arguing. He was quoted as saying, "I had to get out of there because I thought I was going to get shot." Information on the confession was brought to light in court records made public last week, according to detectives.

The suspect was allegedly participating in a MetroCard scam where he would swipe a card in the turnstile for a dollar, thus allowing a prospective passenger to get in the gate for half price, when a dispute broke out with two other men - John Delcan, 20, of East 104th Street and Kendall Bennett, also 20, of East 87th Street, both Canarsie. It was not clear whether the other two were part of the scam. Neither man was arrested, however.

Toosie Sukhu, 56, of Richmond Hill, Queens, a private security guard who was on his way home from work, was just entering the station area when Holmes began arguing and allegedly pulled out a 9mm handgun and started firing. One of the bullets hit Delcan in the arm and another struck Sukhu in the back, killing him.

Holmes was charged with murder, assault and criminal possession of a weapon. Officials said he had been released from prison just last July after serving a two-year sentence for robbery.

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