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By Charles Rogers

Stella's Pharmacy was scene of Tuesday morning robbery. Stella's Pharmacy was scene of Tuesday morning robbery. Thanks to some fast, professional police work, three suspects were caught moments after allegedly robbing a popular local pharmacy at gunpoint Tuesday morning.

Members of the 69th Precinct's Anti-Crime Unit responded to a call to 911 from a druggist working at Stella's Pharmacy, 8722 Glenwood Road, shortly after 10 a.m. who said he had just been robbed at gunpoint by two men. Arriving only minutes after the robbers fled from the corner store after the holdup, the officers, Sergeant Ed Quigg and Police Officer Michael Simmonds, broadcast a description of the black, late-model car in which the bandits were riding, noting that they fled south on East 88th Street. A third man was driving the car, police said.

Hearing the description, eagle-eyed Police Officers Kethly Jean and Lisa Cordero, who were patrolling along what police officially call Canarsie's "southern sector," - Seaview Avenue and Rockaway Parkway - spotted the black sedan speeding towards the traffic circle at the Belt Parkway and entering the west-bound entrance.

The officers' patrol car entered the Belt behind the sedan. They pulled the car over without incident and held the three suspects until Sgt. Quigg and other police arrived. Two handguns allegedly belonging to the robbers were retrieved at the time. The three suspects were brought to the Foster Avenue station house where a positive identification was obtained. They were then charged with robbery and criminal possession of a weapon. Police did not release their names.

The pharmacist told detectives that when the two thieves entered the store, they immediately pulled out handguns and announced it was a robbery, but they only demanded prescription drugs, according to police sources. The druggist complied and the thieves fled. The pharmacist was not injured, police said. They also withheld his name.

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