2007-01-04 / Letters/Opinion

Letters To The Editor

Grateful Partners

Dear Friends:

We, at OPERATION LOOKOUT® National Center for Missing Youth, which has an overall case resolution rate of 82 percent, wanted to let you know what your donated space for our ads has done for missing youth and their families. Fourteen recovered children were featured in Operation Lookout ads recently placed in your newspaper.

The recovery of missing children is priceless, and they will be thankful for the rest of their lives. It is due to your generous printing donation that helps us reach the public, as OPERATION LOOKOUT® is a nonprofit organization that engages the help and heart of the residential and business communities, the media, law enforcement officials, mental health professionals, government agencies, attorneys, and others in this field of concern.

We are deeply grateful for your faithful partnership. By working together, we will continue to share in the hope and joy of reuniting families, as photos of children who are still missing are kept before the searching eyes of the public.

Thank you, again, for your generous printing donations that make a difference.


Melody Gibson

Executive Director

Operation Lookout

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