2006-12-14 / Letters/Opinion

Letters To The Editor

Questionable Connection


I was shocked and disgusted that in his December 7 “View From The Middle” column that Charles Rogers had the nerve to connect the death of a policeman in the line of duty with the death of an unarmed black man by an excess of police bullets.

I have lived in Canarsie many years and recall the 1994 incident. It was tragic and unfortunate, but with all due respect to the policeman’s memory, he was on the job and doing what law enforcement personnel are trained for.

The fact that it happened in the same period of time is not ironic, but circumstantial. And they are hardly connected, except that two people died 12 years apart.

Your glaring respect for the police is commendable, but misguided when you compare the death of Cannon to a bridegroom who died in an unjustifiable police response.

Perhaps you should try walking in the shoes of loved ones who endured the deaths of unarmed black citizens who died at the hands of New York’s finest. Maybe then you’ll see that there is no irony or any connection to the awful death of any cop.

Susan Williams

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