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"Internal Facelift" Sets A Positive Tone For I.S. 78: PTA

By Tammy Zacchio Corresponding Secretary Roy H. Mann I.S. 78 PTA

Roy H. Mann in Mill BasinRoy H. Mann in Mill Basin Summer is over and a new school year has begun. For the students at the much-berated Roy H. Mann Intermediate School means more than learning your ABC's. Over the past few years, Roy H. Mann has been given a not-so-stellar reputation. At times it was warranted. But this year, after taking a beating, Roy H. Mann has undergone an internal facelift. Under the guidance and dedication of the newly-appointed Principal Mr. William R. Woods and the professionalism of the parent coordinator, Dorothy D'Aleo, and the determination of the entire staff, from teachers, aides and volunteers, the 2006-2007 school year is off to a banner start.

Given the controversy of the past, one would tend to think that the tone would be down. To the contrary, the feeling you get while walking through the halls is one of excitement, fortitude, dedication and pride. The 6th grade breakfast had a tremendous turnout, with 125 parents coming together for tea, coffee and Ms. Katz's culinary arts class delicious biscuits. The 7th and 8th grade breakfasts are sure to be just as wonderful. The children, especially the 6th graders, come out of school smiling and are full of stories about their daily activities. We all know that if our children are happy we all are happy!

The fall calendar is full for every grade. From 6th, 7th, and 8th grade field day at the Bergen Beach Fields, to 8th grade Mardi Gras. October is full of exciting trips, both educational, such as Civic Education Day and the American Ballet Theatre visit, to entertainment, such as pumpkin and apple picking at Hicks Farms, to Broadway shows, like "Mama Mia," for the 7th graders. The seniors get their own Mardi Gras day!

On the matter of safety, Thursday, September 28th was the 1st day of random scanning. The process was a success. Only a few cell phones were confiscated. School security is making safety their number one concern and the result is evident. Parents are more involved this year, with 80 parents attending the 1st PTA meeting.

It takes a lot of tender loving care, dedication, community pride and parent and teacher involvement to make a school a success. So far, Roy H. Mann has all the makings of a school with a great future.

Charles Rogers

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