2006-10-05 / Other News

Two Arrested For Fighting With Heavy Chains

Two men working in a private business on Foster Avenue on Wed-nesday, September 27 were arrested on assault charges after they got into a fight and struck each other with metal chains, police sources said.

Although they would not release their names, police said the men, 51 and 53 years old, respectively, got into a dispute at about 3:30 a.m. and, as the argument heated up, the younger man claimed the 53-year-old whacked him across the head with the metal chain normally used for hauling heavy pallets. With that, the 51-year-old allegedly punched his adversary and threw another chain at him. Witnesses who had called police by this time said the chain went back and forth until patrol officers from the 69th Precinct arrived.

Both men were charged with assault, menacing and possession of a weapon.

Charles Rogers

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