2006-10-05 / Letters/Opinion

GED Assistance Appreciated


I am very appreciative of the help you have given us during the past five years by inserting our registration notices in your newspaper.

This has been a great service to our community, as it has enabled our residents to acquire GED certificates. Some of the benefits derived from our programs are as follows:

(a) Parents learn reading and math skills so that they can work with their children with homework, and also be able to communicate with teachers and principals in more meaningful ways.

(b) To teach non-readers to read and write (adult literacy).

(c) To help students who dropped out of high school to return to school and acquire a GED certificate.

(d) People need a GED to take most competitive tests given by the local, state, and federal governments.

(e) To help immigrants go to college, apply for certain jobs, and to obtain promotions on their current jobs.

Yours Truly

Sylvester Knight

NYC Dept. of Education

Office of Adult Education

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