2006-08-17 / Letters/Opinion

What's Your Opinion?

Question: Do you agree with the Fire Department lowering its hiring requirements so it will be able to recruit more minorities? Why?
Compiled by Bill O'Neill

"You should at least have a high school diploma. You can't just walk in off the street and put out a fire. How are you going to fill out a report? Any job you go to has requirements. And color should never be an issue for any job." Marilyn Calfa, Canarsie

"If minorities need it lowered to get the job, why not? You need to diversify all the departments, fire, police and sanitation." Phlo P., Flatbush

"I feel by lowering the requirements you're not going to get the top people. You'll get more minorities and females. But with the fire department, you'll be dealing with life and death situations. I understand they need more minorities for the fire department, but still you want the best qualified people for the job." Leonard Pursner, Canarsie

"I don't think the requirements should be lowered because they need qualified people. And if you qualify, you qualify, regardless of race." Margene Jones, Canarsie

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