2006-07-20 / Letters/Opinion

Letters To The Editor

Editor's Note: A copy of the following letter was sent to civic activist Mary Anne Sallustro, who sent it to the Canarsie Courier.

We felt the community should be aware of where the problem of local rezoning and overdevelopment currently stands as far as the city is concerned.

Dear Mrs. Sallustro:

Thank you for your recent letters regarding your concerns about out-of-character residential development in Canarsie.

Please be assured that we are very aware of the development pressures in this neighborhood and of your request for a contextual rezoning study.

Working diligently to re-assess outdated zoning mechanisms throughout the borough, our Brooklyn office has had an enormously demanding workload in response to concerns from community members, civic associations and elected officials.

Many of these commitments are long standing and need to be addressed first, before we take on new initiatives.

The area of Canarsie that you reference is certainly something we would like to review more closely, and the staff of our Brooklyn office looks forward to working closely with you and local elected officials when our workload permits.

In the meantime, however, please feel free to contact Richard Jacobs in our Brooklyn office at 718-643-7550 with further concerns.

Thank you again for sharing your concerns and for your ongoing commitment to this neighborhood.

Very sincerely,

Amanda M. Burden

AICP Director

NYC Dept. of Planning

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