2006-07-20 / Letters/Opinion

"Thrilled" Over Special School Story

Dear Matt Chaban and Neil Friedman:

We were thrilled with the wonderful article you wrote ("Special School Changes Life of One Mill Basin Youngster," July 13, 2006 ). It was fabulous and we are so grateful to you.

We, at the "special school," who transformed three-year-old Benny's life are looking forward to your follow-up article at our school's graduation, on August 14th. We invite you to visit our school then, or any time convenient for you.

With your permission, we will print excerpts on our non-profit Web site.

Incidentally, the wrong Web site address was printed. The correct Web site is: auditoryoral.org and the E-mail address is: info@auditoryoral.org.

We know your kind and inspiring article will get many responses.

Thank you,

Sara Ovits

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