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"Delectable" Pirate Lore


If July 13th's review of the "Pirates of the Carribean: the Dead Man's Chest" was a disenchantment to fans, the story of Canarsie's very own pirates ("Could There Be Pirates' Gold Right Under Our Feet?" ) must certainly have redeemed it for readers and viewers alike and has probably made pirate lore substantially more delectable (if that is even possible), while also making it equally as delectable to take residence in our Canarsie.

Walking down our streets, I've always known there was something unsettling about the calm in the air. It was a little too calm, if you will. Little did I know this inexplicable feeling has persisted since the days of the early settlers. One should have suspected - Canarsie is the perfect cove for treacherous and fantastical pirate stories.

The beauty of history is that it reads like the present, forever entrenched in the space. It can be told like it happened yesterday, thus removing pirate lore from romanticism and placing it very comfortably into reality.

So, I think it's fitting to say the neighborhood children must already be running away with their imaginations in retelling these spectacular pirate stories.

Gibbs and Wansley weren't the virtuous buccaneers the media likes to portray but they met their formidable end. Combined with the timely release of the "Pirates of the Carribean" installment and this article has to be the coolest and positively enticing thing to have landed in Canarsie, aside from the pirates themselves, of course.


Doris Lo

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