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Ceremony At Kingsbrook JMC Culminates IS 232 Partnership

Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center (KJMC) hosted a closing ceremony on June 26th in the Leviton Ballroom on its main campus at 585 Schenectady Avenue commemorating the end of a yearlong Career Mentorship and Learning Partnership 2005-2006 with Winthrop Intermediate School 232.

The program, Careers in Medical Science, was designed to promote literacy and academic excellence in seventh graders at the Winthrop Street school, culminated with over 75 students being awarded certificates for their achievement and participation.

"We were delighted to partner with Winthrop I.S. 232 on this endeavor, as it offered opportunities for the students to learn about the many options that are available to them," said Kay-Ann Lawrence, Marketing and Public Affairs Manager at Kingsbrook. "Through our support of the students, it was remarkable to see the extent of their research, analytical, and comprehension skills, not forgetting the demonstration of teamwork that went into preparing their various projects/displays, which were based on exploratory, hands-on information provided to them by KJMC's participatory staff over the course of the program. It was indeed a pleasure to work with this group of students! In this vein, we can only envision our partnership with Winthrop I.S. 232 growing from strength to strength, as we continue the program with the new Grade 7 students in September."

Essentially, the program provided students with information that will guide them regarding the courses of study required for academic certification in their particular sphere of interest, stimulates critical thinking and problem solving, and serves as a catalyst for infusing positive fundamentals, such as teamwork, cooperation, acceptance of diversity, good studying habits, research skills, sense of responsibility and a foundation that each of the participants can continue to build.

"As a responsible community healthcare provider and partner, Kingsbrook continues to hold steadfastly to its commitment to advance not only the health, but also the well being of all the residents of our Central Brooklyn communities," states Dr. Linda Brady, Kingsbrook's president and chief executive officer.

She added, "We look optimistically forward to our continued partnership with Principal Thomas-Clark and her staff, in helping to realize meaningful change in our community students through the promotion of student achievement at I.S. 232."

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