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The Active Consumer

By Dara Mormile

By Dara Mormile

Sitting on the beach can be fun and relaxing...for most people. For people with severe neck and back pain, it can be as fun as having sand stuck in your pants! That's where the Acupuncture Center comes in - they treat a wide variety of physical ailments including sports injuries, sinus problems, allergies and even facial pain! Located at 621 Gravesend Neck Road, the Acupuncture Center charges only $20 for massage therapy and your first acupuncture is FREE! So don't let the pains you're experiencing ruin your summer - call 718-382-6669 and let an experienced physical therapist take care of you today!...

So your back is in great condition. You've got another problem, though - your feet! Heel pain, bunions, corns, warts and fungus...They're all causing you embarrassment and agony with every step you take so take yourself to Dr. John Pawson's office at 9229 Flatlands Avenue! Dr. John Pawson will take care of all your podiatric needs. This foot specialist provides a whirlpool, ultrasound, blood tests and even a circulatory analysis! Dr. John Pawson will also help you get those custom orthotic devices and shoes so every step you take will be heaven! Making an appointment is as easy as calling 718-257-1444. Just a few visits and you'll be walking in style on the beach again!...

If you've been looking for a good fuel company, whether it's in the summer or the winter, where do you go? There may be a lot of choices out there, but there's only one company that you can really rely on when it comes to fuel - and that's Cassata Fuel Oil Co., Inc. The company that's been serving the community for over 50 years provides complete home heating services, they're licensed and bonded and they can assist seniors with the HEAP program. Cassata Fuel Oil Co., Inc. is always ready to install burners and boilers. They provide annual New York City boiler inspections, too! Call the company that'll get you all fueled up - Cassata Fuel Oil Co., Inc. Just dial 718-649-2315!...

Sure, it's summer and the kids are enjoying their time off - but what about the ones who not only need watching over, but a place to learn and grow? The answer is easy - enroll them in Zion Early Childhood Inc. Now open, Zion Early Childhood Inc. , provides a caring and educational environment for kids ages three to five and their after school programs are fully computerized! One of their convenient locations is 1048 & 1050 at Ralph Avenue. You can reach them at 718-346-5500/5505. Plan your childrens' future right now!

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