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Youth-On-Youth Crime "Way Down" During School Year

By Charles Rogers

Captain Ralph Monteforte
Captain Ralph Monteforte Captain Ralph Monteforte, commanding officer of the 69th Precinct, has spoken to a number of civic groups and other organizations recently, highlighting crime statistics that show the general lowering of crime in the local area.

Although the natural preference is to have no crime at all, Captain Monteforte told reporters there had been reductions in most areas and, last week, as the schools closed for the summer vacation, he released information on "youth-on-youth" crimes during the school year 2005-2006 compared to 2004-2005.

Youth-on-youth crimes near schools but off school grounds during school hours included rape down by 100 percent; robbery down 52 percent; felony assault down 50 percent. Total crime was down 51 percent.

Youth-on-youth crimes inside schools or on school grounds at Canarsie High School, South Shore High School, IS 68 and IS 211: Robbery down 40 percent; felony assault down 40 percent; burglary down by 100 percent; and grand larceny down 55 percent. Total crime is down 50 percent.

Similar crimes off school grounds - at all hours included rape down 100 percent; robbery down 38 percent; felony assault down 6 percent and grand larceny down 33 percent. Total crime down 31 percent.

"All of the youth-on-youth crimes show tremendous reductions," said the commanding officer. "This is all thanks to the combined efforts of our precinct, the School Safety Task Force Gang Division and the School Safety Division."

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