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The Active Consumer

By Dara Mormile

By Dara Mormile

Ahhhh...Can't you just picture yourself sailing smoothly along Jamaica Bay on a warm summer day? Can't you feel the gentle waves as you paddle along the water in a comfy canoe? If you can't picture any of this, you're not thinking hard enough about what the Sebago Canoe Club has to offer. Every Saturday morning and Wednesday evening until Labor Day, you can take advantage of their FREE kayaking on the bay! The fun-filled excursion includes environmental lectures and you'll be served on a first come-first served basis (no reservations needed). The Sebago Canoe Club's trips are limited to a maximum of 15 participants (but you have to be over 16 years of age). So call 718-241-3683 to find out more! The Sebago Canoe Club is located at 1400 Paerdegat Avenue North. Get ready to get your paddling on!...

So you'd rather stay on land, huh?...Good for you - cause there's plenty going on at the grounds of the Wyckoff Farmhouse Museum . Not only is this fascinating museum the oldest house in New York, it's a place where you can learn and participate in some fun activities! Like next weekend - June 10, from 12-5 pm when the officials of the Wyckoff Farmhouse Museum are hosting their annual Pinkster Carnival! What's better than spending the day with your family and enjoying music, dancing and games? How about getting into this exciting event for FREE! That's right - when you visit the historic Wyckoff Farmhouse Museum , at 5816 Claren-don Road at Ralph Avenue, you won't have to open your wallet - just your mind! And you'll definitely want to attend the lecture on African Retentions in a New World Celebration. So don't make plans unless they include a trip to the Wyckoff Farmhouse Museum ! Call 718-629-5400 for more information on this and other fun activities!...

Now that summer is making its way here, chances are, you're going to be walking around barefoot in your house. If you're walking on a floor that's older than you are, you got a problem - and one of the best solutions is to call Wellington Carpet and Rug Co ., where you'll save BIG on carpeting, tiles and even linoleum! Get over to 5000 Kings Highway and save 25 to 70 percent off everything! You can even purchase carpet remnants to see what colors compliment the dcor of your home! And because Wellington is open seven days a week, it gives you plenty of time to decide what color and style you want. You can even shop from home by calling 718-951-3700 - they'll give you estimates and everything! Before you start walking around your house on the same old floor, give the folks at Wellington Carpet a call. They've got you and your floor covered!...

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