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Letters To The Editor

"Race Cars, Not Horses"

Dear Editor:

Following the shocking breakdown of wonder horse Barbaro, whose leg was fractured in three places during the Preakness, New Yorkers may wish to adopt a new motto: "Race cars, not horses."

Ugly breakdowns and death are more common than many fans of horse racing realize. On May 24, just days after Barbaro's leg snapped, a four-year-old filly named Lauren's Charm collapsed and died during a race at Belmont. But Lauren's Charm, like many thoroughbreds, died in obscurity.

A University of Minnesota study found that one horse in every 22 races examined was so severely injured she could not finish the race. Drugs are often used to mask symptoms so that horses can run even when they're injured. Many of these horses will end up in the slaughterhouse.

If horses are going to be raced, reforms in training and racing methods are urgently needed. Until then, why not take in a Formula One competition at The Glen on June 10 instead? By staying far away from horse tracks and betting rooms, we can encourage the people who make their living on these animals to do what's right.


Kathy Guillermo and Paula Moore

Senior Writers

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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