2006-03-02 / Front Page


By Charles Rogers

An undercover FBI agent conducting surveillance from his car became a third party in a shootout between a trio of robbery suspects and their intended victim here last Friday night.

The agent shot one of the suspects and another was wounded in the gunfight. Local police said Miguel Graham, 22, of 110th Road, Jamaica, Queens, Kimor Hinds, also 22, of 45 Euclid Avenue, Brooklyn, and Koby Thomas, age unknown, of 153rd Street, Jamaica, were arrested at the scene.

According to officials from the 69th Precinct Detective Squad, the three would-be thieves were allegedly checking out a store at the corner of East 94th Street and Avenue D at about 9 p.m. on February 24 when the store’s manager saw them. As soon as the manager saw that the suspects had firearms, he grabbed his own gun and a shootout among the three suspects and the manager ensued.

The FBI agent, meanwhile, got out of his car and identified himself, at which time the suspects started shooting at him. He returned their fire and hit Graham in the left thigh, detectives said.

By this time, local police were called and arrested the trio, charging them with criminal possession of a weapon, attempted assault and attempted robbery. Graham was taken to Brookdale Hospital for treatment of a non-life threatening wound. Hinds was taken to Long Island Jewish Hospital with gunshot wounds to his left hand and right shoulder. It was unclear whether the store manager had a license for his weapon, although he was not charged at the time.

James Margolin, a spokesman for the FBI, told the Canarsie Courier the agent just happened to be conducting surveillance near the area when the shootout began. Police noted the suspects and the store were not part of an FBI investigation.

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