2005-12-29 / Letters/Opinion

Letters To The Editor

Bikers Say

Editor’s note: The following was sent to Canarsie Courier photographer Sonny Maxon, who allowed us to publish it.

I am the Road Captain of the American Biker’s Club and wanted to express our greatest thanks for your help and participation at our annual Senior Run. Without people like you willing to give up their time, it never would have lasted 17 amazing years.

The coverage in the Canarsie Courier (December 15 issue) provides the type of positive publicity. Family-based events like this require to be accepted and well received by the local community.

Your photographs stand as a testament to the joy this event brings to the residents and makes for a great way to pass that sentiment onto new potential participants. Words can only do so much when trying to describe what really goes on there, but a few skillfully taken photographs can speak volumes.

Once again, on behalf of American Biker’s Club, Thank you.

Anthony White Jr.

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