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Informed Voices Organizes Community’s Emergency Team

By Dara Mormile

Wanda Ihrig, president of the Informed Voices Civic Association, announced at last week’s meeting that the community is now ready to handle emergencies such as power outages, floods and hurricanes. The Community Emergency Response Team, a program focusing on emergency preparedness, went into effect on Thursday, October 20.

The program, developed less than a month ago, includes an 11-week course given by the Office of Emer-gency Management (OEM) and was financed by Assemblyman Frank Seddio, who received $20,000 in funding from Kings Plaza management.

In order to prepare the community for emergencies, OEM has begun free formal training classes held every Thursday evening until January 17, at the Holy Family School. Students are presented with written material, slide shows and will receive hands-on training.

“We have thirty people on board and there are still ten slots open,” said Ihrig. “OEM will train people to be ready for coastal storms, terrorism and fire. We have nurses, police, state troopers and even army personnel to assist the community when and if we are faced with an emergency situation.”

Ihrig, who is the liaison for the program said the Community Emergency Response Team covers all areas in Community Board 18, including Canarsie, Bergen Beach, Futurama and Georgetown.

“We encourage all people to volunteer with the program,” said Ihrig. “The course teaches you how to properly analyze a situation and know what to do without panicking so you can save your family and friends.”

For more information, or to get involved with the Community Emer-gency Response Team, call 1-718-877-9100

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