2005-10-27 / Caribbean Corner

The Launching Of 2 Caribbean Institutions

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Maxine Hamilton Alexander

Life around Brooklyn is changing at a rapid pace. Can we call it a “RENAISSANCE”? Mmmm? Per-haps we could, but I’m not so quite sure yet. How-ever, there are certainly significant developments which point in that direction.

• Two noteworthy things in that realm: First is Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce & In-dustry’s (CACCI) Caribbean Trade Center Project. It has been disclosed that CACCI will tentatively break ground sometime next spring.

The Caribbean Trade Center will be located in the center of Brooklyn’s Caribbean Community, at Bed-ford and Church avenues. It will house three tenants and offer a number of services which include a Business Opportunity and Support Services Center; Entrepreneurial Institute, Caribbean Trade and In-vestment Promotion Unit, in addition to a Confer-ence Center and Exhibition Hall. There is much hoopla surrounding this project but, rightly so, this is something to get excited about. For further information contact the CACCI office.

My eyes and ears are also on the Caribbean-Guyanese Institute for Democracy (C-GID). On October 31, from 4–7:30 p.m. the group will host an event at Brooklyn Borough Hall to engage local leaders — civic and political — CARICOM, the respective Consul Generals from the Caribbean re-gion, as well as the Caribbean community in a MEANINGFUL debate about Caribbean governance.

Most of what I know is that this symposium, which will be set up British Parliamentary style, will be a debate to make doves coo. I am interested almost by osmosis. If you have a curious soul and no allergies to crowds, I urge you to come out. C-GID is working as a brain trust and perhaps even as a “Watch Dog” to assist in strengthening Caribbean relationships here in the USA and at home.

There is also an initiative on the agenda to launch a new and vibrant organ of C-GID: the Council on Caribbean American Relations (COCAR). COCAR will be the think-tank arm of C-GID. It will be comprised of distinguished academic, business and professional leaders. Additionally, COCAR will serve expressly as an analytical, foreign policy, educational and lobbying foundation. A major aspect of COCAR’s mission will be an education endowment which will award scholarships to Caribbean nationals and/or Caribbean Americans to pursue studies in Caribbean Affairs, International Relations or International law. For more information about this coming event, please visit www.c-gid.org.

Other news…The Afro-Panamanian Chamber of Commerce, USA, Inc., will be hosting a Indepen-dence Dance commemorating Mes de Las Fiestas Patriias/Dia de Colon, Saturday, November 5, 2005. For information on this event you may visit the website www.afropanachamber.org

Until then walk good…

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